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Phil Constantinesco was born in 1982, in a small town whose name defies the best spellers, somewhere between the Vosges mountains and the Rhine River, on the Eastern marches of France.

After completing his studies in Visual Communication in Strasbourg, he founded Zurich29 with Dorian Gourg, briefly worked for MTV in Paris, and has been pursuing his career as a freelance motion designer ever since.

He works in Brussels and spends as much time as he can drawing: "Faunesque" is his personal portfolio.

Why "Faunesque"? Simply because of Phil's long-time interest in flora and fauna, although "simply" does not quite cut it, as his drawings are purposefully complex, much like the carefully crafted wall above his living room couch which includes memorabilia and inspiration sources bound by one comme theme: nature.

Similarly, his drawings offer a vision of nature from several perspectives at once in the hope, to quote Edward Hoagland, of "transport[ing] one's wounds into nature to find a cure, a conversion, a rest, or anything one may want."

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